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Nose Fillers – London

Nose Straightening and tip lifting with Fillers

Nose Enhancement

A ‘liquid nose job’ or non-surgical rhinoplasty is a popular cosmetic procedure where common deformities and bumps can be corrected by dermal filler. This quick procedure is now far more in demand than traditional surgical rhinoplasty.

  • More affordable and convenient than surgery, without the downtime.
  • Not permanent – fillers wear off after 9-18 months, but can be topped up with less correction required each time.
  • Painless. Topical numbing cream is used.
  • Rehabilitation is fast and comfortable (0-2 days)

As I say, this is a nice ‘try before you buy’ option, for anyone anxious about permanent changes or the lengthy healing time required with traditional surgical rhinoplasty.

The nose is an area where many people are slightly unhappy with their appearance. Most clients are delighted with the improvement, saying they wish they had done it long before!


Small tweaks as my beautiful client desired


Our liquid rhinoplasty treatment is based on the “3-Point Rhino” technique where I have been professionally trained. A special filler blend is carefully injected from tiny insertion points to re-balance and shape the nose. This can correct the most common nose problems such as dorsal humps, low radix or inadequate tip projection.

Note – It’s extremely important to have a qualified professional perform this procedure because of higher risks if done incorrectly. With expert knowledge of the artery structure and slow, delicate injections, the procedure is very safe.

This treatment is often advertised as the “10 minute nosejob” but I prefer to take a bit longer to get it just right. Slow careful injections result in less bruising or swelling afterwards.

A small top-up correction is provided after 2 weeks if necessary, as temporary minor swelling during treatment can occasionally influence the initial appearance of straightness. It’s better to err on the side of caution and top-up afterwards if required.


nose filler
Nose filler treatment in our London Clinic

Simple Straightening

Here we slightly straightened the bridge and lifted the tip of the nose, resulting in a very satisfied client. Even a small change can make a big difference in your confidence if your nose bothers you.

Nose fillers are one of the most popular procedures recently in our London clinic. Immediate results and little downtime, beyond some possible minor swelling for the first few days. You can continue with your daily routine right after treatment – although avoid heavy exercise for the first few days.

Lasts 9-18 months. Great change in appearance, while it won’t be obvious that you’ve had something done.

facial work
Nose, lips, chin and jawline done

Full Face Beautification Work

Full facial treatment including nose treatment with fillers.
It’s amazing how much difference can be made by strategic injections of modern dermal fillers.

We offer packages for full facial beautification if you would like to get a lot of work done, which is more affordable than paying for separate procedures. We can help to analyse your face as a whole, and give advice on which procedures will be most flattering for you.

Nose fillers - common questions.

Even although filler material is always added to the nose to smooth out bumps and dips, the volume is pretty small and can actually give the illusion of a smaller nose. A straighter line is created which can gives harmony to the whole face and attracts less visual attention than an obvious dip or hump. 

We can analyse your nose first in a consultation and suggest if filler treatment would be suitable or not. Mild deformities and asymmetry can be greatly improved with filler rebalancing, but more extreme deviations would need rhinoplasty.

Swelling and bruising is usually pretty minimal, but can take a few days to completely resolve. We suggest to wait 2 weeks before judging the final result if you think a small top-up or correction may be required. Also avoid wearing heavy glasses or sunglasses for the first few days as an indent may form where new filler is compressed. 

Fillers in the nose generally last slightly longer than most other areas as there is little movement compared to other parts of the face. On average it lasts around 9-18 months depending on your age, lifestyle and metabolism. A top-up session may be desirable to maintain your appearance at that point. Many clients are happy to visit once a year to for nose correction with fillers, rather than paying thousands for permanent change with surgery. 

Other filler treatments

Check our booking page for a complete list of filler and beauty treatments.


Lip Enhancement – our most in-demand procedure.

Anti-wrinkle Injections
– For a fresher, rejuvenated look.

Under-Eyes – Eye bag treatment with special fillers.

3-point Facelift – Contour and enhance your profile.

Nasolabial Folds – Reduces and smooths out smile lines.

A short consultation is provided before each treatment and can also be booked as a separate appointment.

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