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Wrinkle Treatment with Botox – London

Visibily reduce the appearance of 'crow's feet' and other wrinkles

Wrinkle Reduction and Prevention

Wrinkle reduction is one of our most popular aesthetic treatments for a good reason. It’s a quick and highly effective procedure that can take years off your appearance. Effects typically last around 4 months before wearing off and we have many repeat clients who trust us to keep them looking fresh – or to delay the appearance of wrinkles in the first place!

We only use official product and recommend you only trust an experienced aesthetician. Many clinicians simply inject standard amounts to a standard template. For best results, it’s important to analyse each individuals facial muscles correctly in movement, and have the ability to accurately adjust for specific characteristics and preferences.

Many say “But wrinkles add character..” and it’s true. But it’s also nice to have the choice!

Anastasia, London

Forehead wrinkle smoothing with Botox

About Botox

Botox ® from Allergen, Inc is a prescription drug which has been medically approved to temporarily improve the appearance of moderate to severe forehead lines, frown lines and crow’s feet in adults. A consultation will be given first to determine if you are suitable for treatment.

Clinically it is injected in tiny, highly diluted doses to relax or weaken muscles by temporarily blocking the nerve signal. Botulinum toxin was first used as a muscle relaxant to stop spasms, but the cosmetic effects were quickly noticed and for the last 20 years it has been the most popular non-surgical treatment worldwide with millions of people treated every year. Often used in combination with filler treatments for a more youthful appearance and refreshed look.

Occasional delicate injections can delay the onset of wrinkles

Safe and effective for aesthetic use.

Botox® has had regulatory approval for cosmetic use since 2002. The FDA is generally regarded as one of the most stringent authorities worldwide – products have to pass rigorous clinical trials for quality, safety and efficacy.

For the vast majority, anti-wrinkle injections are quick and painless with minimal side effects, and you can continue with your normal daily routine after treatment. Some small bumps and swelling at the injection points usually disappear within the first hour. Aftercare advice can be found here.

Effects usually take a few days to develop and can be fully evaluated after 2 weeks. A small top-up can be given at that point if you are still seeing excessive movement.

Which areas can be treated?

Official approval was given for use in 3 facial areas:

– Moderate to severe lateral canthal lines associated with the orbicularis oculi muscle. Typically known as ‘crow’s feet’ – lines around the eyes formed after repeated contractions of muscles involved with smiling and laughing.

– Moderate to severe glabellar lines associated with corrugator and procerus muscle activity. Typically known as frown lines – on the lower forehead and between the eyes. Treating the lower forehead muscles can also have a slight brow lifting effect making the eyes look more open and awake.

– Moderate to severe forehead lines associated with activity of the frontalis muscles. Filler can also be used in combination with botox to treat deeper wrinkles. Relaxing the muscle also makes the fillers last longer.

Other areas are “off-label” for cosmetic use, but can be treated with consent of the patient – Smokers lines and lip corners, bunny lines on the side of the nose, ‘Lip-Flip’ procedures, massater injections for jaw slimming, and ‘preventative botox’ for younger clients.

Jaw Slimming effect - massater muscle treatment

Other dermal filler treatments

Take a look at our booking page for a complete list of filler and beauty procedures in our London clinic.


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Full Facial makeover
– Our bespoke ‘Art of Beautification’ package – work on all areas necessary for full face rejuvenation.

Under-Eye treatment – reduce eye bags and dark patches.

Nose Enhancement – Straighten the nose with dermal fillers.

3-point Facelift – Lift and contour your profile.

Check for appointment slots if you’re interested in anti-wrinkle treatment in our London clinic.
A short consultation is provided before each treatment on the day, and can also be booked as a separate free appointment if you want to discuss what is right for you, and need time to think before going ahead.


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