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Expert Lip Design

We specialize in the advanced ‘Russian Lips’ techniques, although a full range of dermal filler and skin treatments are also available.

Fully trained in St Petersburg, Moscow and London in the latest advanced aesthetic procedures, which I have further refined and enhanced.
It’s amazing how much difference even a small correction or enhancement can make to the self-esteem and confidence of many clients!


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Enhance your look, safely and effectively


safety First

Proud to be recognised as a “Safety In Beauty” awards finalist.

We understand your concerns and provide careful, responsible work. In the right hands, with full knowledge of the underlying tissue and artery structure, modern aesthetic treatments are safe and effective. Injectible fillers are based on hyaluronic acid (HA) which is produced naturally within the skin, so inflammatory reactions are rare. In such cases, fillers can be quickly dissolved with the enzyme Hyaluronidase – another natural substance.

We only use premium quality brands and each syringe is individually sealed.
Typical visible results last 6-9 months before the filler is naturally absorbed by the body and further treatments may be desirable. Full aftercare is provided.


Bespoke treatments customised to your natural features and preferences.

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Liquid rhinoplasty can quickly and easily improve your profile.


Tear trough fillers and anti-wrinkle injections are highly effective in the eye area.


Full facial beautification package to balance and enhance your natural features.

What are Russian Lips?

‘Russian Lips’ in aesthetics refer to the advanced lip filler techniques innovated by Russian doctors. The most popular procedure increases volume and height towards the centre and enhances the cupids bow to give a subtle heart shaped look and a sensual, feminine style often found naturally on Russian women.

Unlike standard techniques, lip height can be lifted without causing excess protrusion and the dreaded ‘duck lips’ or ‘trout pout’.
The procedure takes twice as long to perform as regular methods and when done correctly involves a high degree of skill, with strategic placement of the filler at precise angles and depths.

Russian Lips are one of the the most popular cosmetic styles seen on social media, but please be aware the vast majority of images are taken immediately after treatment when temporary swelling is present.
Many younger clients want a modern stylish look with a 1:1 ratio, but subtle and natural results are of course possible, depending on your preference.


Before studying biomedical science and advanced aesthetics training in Russia, I worked for several years as a professional photographer, which was of great benefit to practising aesthetics today. In my view, an artistic eye is a huge complement to a thorough understanding of facial anatomy and good medical training. I believe the most successful results come from balancing classical beauty standards of geometry and symmetry with the clients distinct anatomy, and highlighting their best natural features.

Russian filler techniques are the most advanced in the world – flexible to adapt to each clients individual needs. Although most patients in my London clinic seek the most popular Russian Lips style, they often find it helpful to ask advice on which treatments will be most effective for them overall.
You’re welcome to book a free consultation where we can discuss which enhancements or corrections would benefit you most.


Our Art of Beautification full facial package works to produce the most effective results within your budget.

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